Our Story

As you may have guessed, AlliBeth is a combination of Allison and Bethany. When they started their company, their strategy aims to be both personal and practical for beautiful everyday lives. Allison and Bethany are sisters with different but complementary artistic talents.  Allison has a natural affinity for color, pattern, texture, and scale. Bethany is truly gifted with technical details, space planning, and problem solving. Combined, they create a unique and well-rounded approach to interior design. 


Their very first design project together was a small beach cottage renovation at Emerald Isle. Designed as a wedding gift, they were thrilled with the reaction of the bride and groom when they saw the result. While doing that project and having a total blast, they began dreaming about owning a business and doing these types of creative projects together. The seeds for AlliBeth Interior Design were sown. While Bethany was finishing up the last year of her architecture & design degree and Allison had survived the "new mom" stage of life for the second time, they decided there was no time like the present to launch their business and reach for their dreams!

That was 2016...

Since then, AlliBeth Interior Design has become a rapidly growing design studio, working on over 150 homes and businesses in the Triangle and beyond. We can't wait to tell your story, too!

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