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Bethany has a passion for purposeful art and design. She has always had a natural born creative talent.  She has been drawing, painting, and sewing since early childhood. Bethany specializes in space planning, functionality, and architectural details. Her personal style is a blend of modern, industrial, and old world. Some of Bethany's most favorite things in any room are wood tones, greenery, and character through architecture and decor. Bethany is an avid traveler, explorer, and creative soul, which inspires her to design spaces infused with character, texture, and color. She is an active member of the Alliance of Interior Designers, and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from UNC Charlotte. Prior to AlliBeth, Bethany completed an internship with Hale Architecture in Wake Forest. She has also been a photographer,  is a trained stained glass artisan and certified custom framing specialist.

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